Supply Unit

Unidirectional Ventilation

Unidirectional ventilation unit (UVU) means a ventilation unit producing an air flow in one direction only, either from indoors to outdoors (exhaust) or from outdoors to indoors (supply), where the mechanically produced air flow is balanced by natural air supply or exhaust.

Supply air handling units incorporate many different components for makeup air, in many different areas including Health, Retail, Industrial, Distribution Centres, Warehousing, Pharmaceutical and Data Centres.

The supply air handling unit can be configured to condition air in several ways:

  • Filtration
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Humidify
  • Dehumidify


Air filtration is always present in order to provide clean dust-free air to the building.

Direct heating, placed directly in the air stream, are direct heat exchangers and include those for gas-fired fuel-burning heaters or electric air heater batteries (EAHB).

Indirect Heating and Cooling coils use hot water or steam for heating, and chilled water for cooling. Heat pumps can be used as well. (Prime energy for heating and cooling is provided by central plant).

Humidification is often necessary in colder climates where continuous heating will make the air drier, resulting in uncomfortable air quality and increased static electricity. Various types of humidification may be used as part of our air handler and include evaporative, vaporizer, spray mist and wetted medium.

If dehumidification is required, then the cooling coil is employed to over-cool so that the dew point is reached and condensation occurs. A heater coil placed after the cooling coil re-heats the air to the desired supply temperature and humidity level. This is often used for chilled beam applications.

Intelligent Energy Controls

Either our Intelligent Energy Controls, or the clients BMS, may monitor the return air quality, energy available to recover or CO2 concentration for optimum energy efficiency whilst maintaining desired fresh air requirements. Additionally, when outside air conditions are such, typically mid-season weather conditions, it may be that ambient temperatures are suitable for free cooling purposes.



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