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For 40 years we have been providing air handling units, air conditioning and intelligent energy controls, backed by excellent aftersales support, handmade in the UK, using only the best components.



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Air Handling Units Explained

  • What is an Air Handling Unit

  • Applications, Standards & Regulations

  • Within Size & Solid Construction

  • Intelligent Energy Controls

40 Years Experience

Our experienced and knowledgeable members of staff have obtained qualifications, from HNC to Masters Degree, and to compliment this we provide an in-house and external training programme. We are committed to working in partnership with Consultants, Contractors and End-Users, providing added value through technical innovation, service excellence and the ability to provide energy efficient solutions.

Aftersales Care

We are extremely proud of our Aftersales Care service and our team for the outstanding work they do to help our customers. Please contact us for any help and assistance


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