Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units

Put in it's simplest form an Air Handling Unit is a collection of components used to either supply fresh clean air to a room or to remove old stale air from a room, or both!

What is an Air Handling Unit?

Put in it's simplest form an Air Handling Unit is a collection of components used to either supply fresh clean air to a room or to remove old stale air from a room, or both!

The Make Up of an Air Handling Unit

There are a multitude of components that can make up an Air Handling Unit, and each Unit will have a different combination of (some or all of) these:

Choose Craftsmanship and Knowledge

For over 35 years we have been hand-building our units in Kent (United Kingdom) to a very high standard.  The reason we hand build in this technological age is, there isn’t a better way. Modern computer aided design and construction techniques can manufacture precision components and streamline production, but the immaculate detail and finish of one of our Air Handling Units, inside and out, can only be achieved by skill and dedication. This human factor, and its influence on the finished product cannot be replicated by a machine, which might be able to punch, notch and fold a given number of times, but will never be able to tell when the end result is right. The fact that the end result is right on our air handler is as much thanks to the people who built it as to the technology that first mapped it out.

Our experienced and knowledgeable members of staff have obtained qualifications from Higher National Certificates to Masters Degree.  We believe our staff should match the technical abilities of all its customers so that together we can offer a designed solution.  

Suitable Applications and Environments

All our air handling units can be provided to suit the following applications and environments:

The Right Standards and Upholding the Regulations

Each module of the complete Air Handling Unit can be manufactured to suit each of the following specifications and regulations:

Within Size and a Solid Construction

Depending upon site access all of our Air Handling Units can be supplied as:

All ranges above are also available as bespoke units tailor made to suit all dimensional restraints.

Smart Controls and Energy Efficient Systems for Smart Projects

Our Smart Control System allows the networking of mechanical equipment designed to monitor and control the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system via the AHU control panel.  This works on a distributed control system; the networking of electronic devices designed to monitor and control air handling units and associated mechanical and electrical systems.

The Smart Control Systems core functionality is to keep building climate within a specified range by controlling temperature, humidity, and CO2.  It has the ability to tell the client when the unit should be serviced and which components need replacing over the lifetime of the product.  Finally it will tell you how to minimise fuel use and maximise the energy recovered to take full advantage of cost saving over the products life cycle.

BIM there done that!

We have been working very hard for the last 4 years to develop up to Level 2 BIM standard for all our products.

Our objective was to improve the design and efficiency of each and every product by using 3D modelling.

To enable BIM, accurate component construction information (data) had to be made available. This meant every component that makes up the complete air handling unit had to be drawn from scratch in 3D.

By making available a rendered 3D model of each individual component that makes up the complete AHU, we were able to view and dissect the complete AHU construction at the same time. This enabled solutions to be found to improve performance standards

Following on from this we were able to identify cost savings in the manufacturing process for each AHU component which we have passed on to our customers to make sure we are competitive in the market place. It also allowed us to communicate in a co-ordinated and aligned way. 

This digital technology we have introduced will now change the way we plan, build, maintain and use our equipment. It has helped us to operate and maintain it more efficiently. Above all it will help customers to understand exactly the equipment they are purchasing before they place the order.