Mechanically Ventilated Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery Efficiency

Counter-flow heat exchanger with summer bypass offering up to 93% efficiency. Most applications will not need a top up heater. Resulting in reduced boiler plant or electrical load. Capital and running costs are further reduced. These air handling units are incorporated into many different areas of industry such as Retail, Health, Industrial, Distribution Centres, Warehousing, Pharmaceutical and Data Centres.

User Friendly

Access from top, bottom or side allows for easy inspection of the heat recovery unit. Multiple accesses offers the best solution for restricted areas such as ceiling voids and internal plant rooms. Units can be suspended via drop rods.

EC Fans

Highly efficient EC Fans offering great energy saving solutions. Low specific fan power helps to achieve Part L2 building compliance. 0-10VDC input allows smooth speed control from BMS or demand ventilation inputs. Reduced maintenance and easy to change.


All units complete with F7 supply and M5 return panel filters.

Low Height

Low height offering space saving solutions, starting from 365mm high. Ideal for modern buildings with reduced ceiling void depth. Available with optional acoustic lining to reduce noise breakout.


Internal or externally located with roofs, cowls and external coating. External mounted units offer solutions were ceiling voids are restricted. Ideal for noise sensitive areas as unit is removed from the ceiling void.


The ECE-Tech controller is fully expandable to suit your project requirements, up to 2060 Digital I/O and 511 Analogue I/O ports.

Our latest model, the ECE-Tech 6 has been specially designed to run heat recovery units to a high efficiency with the maximum feedback to allow small and accurate adjustments.

The controller facilitates the use of BACnet and Modbus.

The controller can be provided fully fitted or supplied separately to be mounted remotely

Outputs available:

  • External dampers
  • Bypass dampers
  • Alarm output
  • Enable signal
  • Frost heater Contactor
  • Thyristor control
  • DX hot signal 24v
  • DX cold signal 24v
  • Supply fan 0-10v
  • Extract fan 0-10v 

Inputs available:

  • Fire alarm
  • Remote I/O
  • PIR sensors
  • Filter pressure switches
  • Supply fan
  • Extract fan
  • Thermal overload switch
  • Airflow proving switch
  • C02 switch 0-10v
  • Frost probe
  • Temperature sensors
  • Extract fan 0-10v



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