Extract Unit

Unidirectional Ventilation

Unidirectional ventilation unit (UVU) means a ventilation unit producing an air flow in one direction only, either from indoors to outdoors (exhaust) or from outdoors to indoors (supply), where the mechanically produced air flow is balanced by natural air supply or exhaust.

Extract air handling units are incorporated into many different areas of industry such as Retail, Health, Industrial, Distribution Centres, Warehousing, Pharmaceutical and Data Centres.

The extract unit can be configured to exhaust air from several different environments:

  • Stale
  • Clean
  • Dirty
  • Smoke


ECE extract units can include a number of different fans depending on application. Whether the exhaust air is stale, clean, dirty or smoke extract either axial fans, plug fans or single inlet single width and double inlet double width centrifugal fans with either forward, backward or airfoil blades can be used. The fans are driven by AC induction electric motors mounted internal or external to air-stream. The fans can operate at a single speed, offer a variety of set speeds (belt and pulley change), or be driven by inverter to allow a wide range of air flow rates.



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