Intelligent Energy Controls

Intelligent Energy Controls

As part of our One Stop Shop facility all of our ranges of Air Handling Units can be supplied complete with our Intelligent Energy Controls which is powerful, flexible, user-friendly and specifically designed to provide a complete control solution for Air Handling and Conditioning Systems.

ECE Intelligent Energy Controls allows the networking of mechanical equipment designed to monitor and control the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system via the AHU control panel.

This works on a distributed control system; the networking of electronic devices designed to monitor and control air handling units and associated mechanical and electrical systems.

ECE Intelligent Energy Controls core functionality keeps building climate within a specified range by controlling temperature, humidity, and CO2. It also monitors and reports device failures in all systems and provides malfunction alarms.

At the heart of our Intelligent Energy Controls is the Trend IQ4E controller mounted internal to the AHU. This control panel can also be provided loose for remote mounting if required.

Most buildings have a Building Management System and interface with the system is easily achieved via many of the most commonly used serial communication standards. Using our Intelligent Energy Controls you have the facility to support many protocols; to name but a few these include BACnet; LonWorks; and Modbus.

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