Office Block at 20 Farringdon Road, London, EC1M

In 2015 we were contacted by Flatt Consulting, who requested a survey and detailed report illustrating the present condition of the Air Handling Units at above site.

Based on the nature and complexity of the job we proposed that the units were to be overhauled instead of replacing them with new. To replace all 7 units would have cost approximately £375,000 including site work. The project featured internal and external units.

Our Proposed Solution and Benefits

Following on from our inspection, we offered the following:

  • Offered refurb option instead of replacement due to the logistics to remove old plant and crane new units which had very minimal disruption to the tenants and occupants with in the building.
  • Refurbishment not only increased the life span of the units but also avoided major builders work, road closure and use of crane.
  • Replace clogged brittle eliminator banks with new to remove massive carryover from the coil and increase the life expectancy.
  • Offered Fans overhauling, shaft and drives alignment to help reduce power consumption and noise.
  • Megger testing of the motors helped to ascertain if they required replacing immediately.
  • Replacing filters gave better air quality in the area and reduced motor power consumption.
  • Repair the floor and sealing of the cracks increased the quality of the air in the area reduced fan speeds.
  • Replace door seals helped the units to achieve part L3 leakage regulations and made units more efficient.
  • Replace manometers to prompt maintenance team on when to change the filters.
  • Lubrication of dampers to make sure they are closed fully when not in use and retaining the temperature with in the building.
  • Fitting, wiring and commissioning inverters should allow then to ramp the motors down to 20% of its full speed.

We have refurbished the units and carried out the above work during nights (out of hours) for less than a quarter of the price of the proposed new units.


Before After


Unit Floor

Before After


Eliminator Bank

Before After



Pre Secondary