Case Study – Fitness and Wellbeing Centre

28 March 2018

In 2017, ECE UK was approached by a respected Building Services Consultant to help design a unique, bespoke Air Handling Unit for a prestigious Fitness and Wellbeing Centre in South West London. Having discussed the full design scope, project requirements and site restrictions, we were able to offer turnkey solutions to provide a unit that met with the client's performance requirements, acoustic restraints and fit all equipment within the limited available space.

Due to the size restraints in which the supply unit was to be situated, we had to design a bespoke packaged AHU resulting in a tall and slim heat recovery unit with a top discharge and remote control panel. Due to the limited space the extract unit had to be ceiling mounted. This perfectly fit the room layout, allowing adequate space for maintenance.

Once the mechanical sub-contractor had been appointed, and following our detailed design on how to carry out the works on site, we were ourselves appointed to supply, deliver, offload and assemble the packaged supply AHU. The extract AHU was to be supplied in one piece and mounted at high level. The run around coil pump set installation, remote control panel wiring and commissioning then took place on site.

AHU Design Details

The supply unit consisted of two sections. The first section included a bolt-on attenuator, motorised damper, panel filters, supply run around coil, F7 bag filters and a twin circuit R-410a refrigerant heat pump coil to supply both hot and cold air via external condensing units. The second section incorporated an inverter driven plug fan and motor with a top discharge bolt-on attenuator to help with the ductwork layout and installation.

The extract unit also incorporated ECE’s acoustic panel construction and included a bolt-on attenuator, inverter driven plug fan and motor, panel filters, extract run around coil, motorised damper and a bolt-on exhaust attenuator.

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Type of Installation

  • Packaged Supply and Extract Heat Recovery System
  • Flat Pack Delivery, Offload, Positioning and Assembly of AHUs by ECE UK Ltd
  • Specific Acoustic Consultant Specification Requirement
  • Remote TREND control panel
  • Controls wiring & commissioning on site completed by ECE UK Ltd

Each Module and the Complete Air Handling Unit are constructed to BS EN 1886:2007 as follows:

  • Leakage Class of Casing L2
  • Casing Strength D1
  • Thermal Transmittance T2
  • Thermal Bridging TB2


If you are interested in seeing if these units could be suitable for you why not download our BIM blocks and see how they might fit with your requirements:

WRL - compatible with Windows 10 Creators Edition 3D Builder Application
IFC - compatible with Revit or download BIM Vision

WRL - compatible with Windows 10 Creators Edition 3D Builder Application
IFC - compatible with Revit or download BIM Vision

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